Journalism School Continuing Education

Journalism School Continuing Education

Continuing education in broadcasting is a popular option among today's journalists. Perhaps you want to take some remedial courses for writing styles that you haven't used in a while; or maybe you want to change the direction of your career by learning additional skills such as digital media production. In any scenario, furthering your education in journalism is a great way to put yourself a step ahead of the game.

Technology has forever changed journalism, the advent of the internet being a focal point. Today, online journalism is a popular and rapidly expanding profession. It is no surprise that many professionals are returning to the classroom to take courses in web journalism.

You will find plenty of options for continuing your education in journalism. As journalism is a popular major, many colleges and universities offer continuing education designed for adult learners. These courses often feature evening and weekend class schedules so as not to interfere with work schedules. A growingly-popular choice is continuing education online. Online journalism education offers the same quality education to be taken via the internet at the student's convenience.

Some continuing education programs linked to journalism include:

  • Ad Copywriting
  • Internet Research
  • Journalism Ethics
  • News Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Web Journalism

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