Journalism Careers, Jobs & Salaries

Journalism Careers, Jobs & Salaries

There are several occupations within the field of journalism. Most jobs related to journalism require a bachelor's degree in broadcast or print journalism, communications, or English though some employers do look for a background in liberal arts. For individuals specializing in a particular area such as advertising, business or public relations, education and knowledge in that field are usually required.

Occupations falling under the umbrella of journalism include:

  • Editing
  • Blogging
  • Announcing
  • Interpreting
  • Translating
  • Feature Writing
  • News Copy Writing
  • Ad Copy Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • News Analyzation
  • Reporting
  • Public Relations

There are numerous specialties in journalism; however, they all work together. Public Relations Specialists, also called Media Specialists and Communications Specialists, work to maintain healthy relationships with the print and broadcast journalism communities. Reporters, Analysts, and Correspondents gather and analyze information that becomes news. Writers conceptualize and develop content for various print sources including books, magazines, online publications, and radio and television broadcasts. Editors review and revise the work that writers have done.

Half of those individuals worked in fields such as newspapers, publishing radio and television broadcasting, web search portals, and Internet publishing. A significant amount of people were employed in advertising, marketing, and related occupations as well. In addition to these individuals, thousands more write independently on a freelance basis.

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